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First off I can’t even explain in words how remarkably incredible Essie Miller is as a realtor and on top of that a great adviser.My wife and I started our journey on house searching I’d say,9 years ago.We found a house that we all fell in love with even Essie shared her thoughts on what she liked about the house.So we purchased that home,but many years later we decided we wanted to maybe reach out for a bigger home.So who do you call,Essie Miller she’s like our superwoman realtor.Essie had our home sold in a day.Then we started our new home searching.Essie took her time,and was very patient with us as we decided on a home,then changed our minds later that week.Essie’s advice to us was,let’s keep looking until WE find our dream home! Notice I said WE she involved herself in our search.Some months later we did find our dream home and Essie once again sealed the deal! Essie is such a great person/realtor that we referred her to my brother.In which she helped them find their dream home.Bottom line is this,if you’re searching for a home and not looking to be pushed to buy the first house you see.Call Essie Miller

--Z. Morant


Essie Paid great attention to detail always looking out for my best interest. I moved out of state and she agreed to sit at my house to
wait or repair guys to help me get my house ready. Essie always communicates and is very responsive. I would definitely hire her

--J. Osaghae


I found Essie to have a great personality with good humor. She is very enjoyable to work with. As a first time home buyer I could not
think of a better professional than her. She was always willing to help and was very prompt to respond to any questions that I had.
She never put us on pressure but worked very patiently with us until we found our home. Thanks so much, Essie!

--M. Raj


It was an absolute pleasure working with Essie. Throughout the entire process of selling my house, Essie was professional,
responsive and extremely open and honest. Her military experience was especially helpful and she understood the difficulties of
trying to sell a home while being stationed in another location. I absolutely appreciated all the hard work she put into getting my
home sold and would recommend her to any of my friends or family getting ready to buy or sell their home. She made the process
easy and as stress free as possible!

--K. Rexwinkel



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