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   Military kids are known for their resilience and ability to make  friends quickly. The adjustment is easier if they can get involved with  activities

   Kid Connect helps military kids network with kids their own age at

other military bases.


   Support and resources for families with exceptional family members is available at 


    The VA offers grants to help service members and veterans disabled during their  military service. Three types of grants are available. The goal of all three grant programs is to provide a barrier-free living  environment that offers a level of independent living for disabled service  members and vets. Yearly adjustments to grants may be made based on  construction costs.

For information on these grants go to

For information on home adaptations and links to organizations  and volunteer groups that provide support for wounded warriors’ housing needs,  go to the National Resource Directory at

An applicant can apply for a Dream Makers grant online—even before starting to look for a home or selecting a mortgage company. For more information on eligibility (including applicable medium income and contribution limits) and the application process, go to

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